Mr Joseph M Rizzo

Non Executive Director

Mr Rizzo is a qualified associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner with a wealth of experience in insurance, reinsurance and related areas, having occupied key executive and directorship positions with leading insurance companies.

Throughout his career he enjoyed exposure in a variety of insurance markets including Malta, Gibraltar, London and the MENA region. He has spent a considerable number of years heading a leading listed insurance company in Bahrain and held directorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Mr Rizzo is approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority and occupies various directorship positions on a number of undertakings established in Malta as (re)/insurance companies, affiliated and/or captive (re)/insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, including having board oversight roles for approved functions such as internal audit, risk management, actuarial and compliance. Additionally, Mr Rizzo provides freelance consultancy services in areas related to insurance and risk management to corporate clients.


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