Ms Adriana Zarb Adami

Managing Director

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Mrs. Zarb Adami has been a valued employee with Bupa Malta for over 30 years. Having worked overseas in the UK for a number of years, Mrs Zarb Adami experiences and skill-set proved an asset to Bupa Malta upon her relocation to Malta. Since then she has occupied a variety of challenging roles within the company, giving Mrs. Zarb Adami a unique, dynamic understanding of the entire Group; eventually progressing to take full managerial responsibility of Bupa Malta. Besides serving on the LifeStar Health Agency board, Mrs. Zarb Adami is also active on various other national boards and charity organisations. Mrs Zarb Adami’s objective is to ensure corporate future growth as well as maintain the company’s hard-earned reputation of providing excellent customer service.

Adriana’s objective is to ensure the company keeps growing, while giving a sterling service at all times.


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